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Svengali Review – Filmoria


Dixie – Johnny Owen’s plucky Welshman at the centre of this music biz romantic dramedy – is a well observed creation; an endlessly likeable schmo with a passion for music and an insatiable need to make it big managing a band. He moves to London with his girlfriend Shell (the just-as-pluckyVicky McClure) to bring superstardom to a talented but juvenile online discovery, The Premature Congratulations, but his idealistic, naïve temperament soon comes to blows with the ruthlessness of the big city scene…

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Alan Partridge: The Trailer

So, according to the man himself, we can expect some “heavy kissing and guns”. Have a watch below of the first official teaser trailer for Alan Partridge’s explosion onto the big screen.

Behold: Alpha Papa

Aha! Partridge Trailer and Title Online Today

alan1Jackanackernory! Partridge fans are surely rubbing their eyes in disbelief that a movie is actually happening. The project was in preparation about 7-8 years ago but was notoriously shelved after the London Bombings due to the sensitive material lampooned in the script. Needless to say, there was doubt as to whether we would ever see Alan have the last laugh on the silver screen. Nevertheless, after a handful of recent projects – including the masterpiece that is the autobiographical I, Partridge: We need to talk about Alan – Steve Coogan’s comic miracle is finally about to bounce back.

alan filmingCook a cat! With veteran British TV director Declan Lowney at the helm, the writing team from I’m Alan Partridge and, of course, Alan and his tireless PA Lynn – 50 – in front of the camera, this should be the best film we have ever seen about the exploits of a disgruntled Norfolk radio DJ. The first official still (above) and a slew of on-location snaps showing Alan prating around with a rifle (right) are now online, making Partridge: The Movie a tangible prospect for fans, and anticipation is bubbling away. Lovely stuff.*

The news then, that the official Youtube channel for the movie (http://www.youtube.com/AlanPartridgeMovie) will air the first teaser trailer at 12:00pm this afternoon is sure to have you, Partrige fan, jumping for joy, smelling cheese, buttering arses and cooking cats. Furthermore, the title will be announced (Bangkok Chick Boys, fingers crossed) and we should start to form an idea of what we might expect on our screens on the mooted release date of 16th August.

Spice World!

*Not my words, the words of Shakin Stevens.




Director: Joe Dante
Screenwriter: Christopher Columbus
Cast: Zach Galligan, Phoebe Cates, Hoyt Axton
Runtime: 106 mins
Certificate: 12A
Release Date: In Cinemas 7th December

Subversive and pop-savvy, this Chris Columbus written yarn charts the destruction of the backlot town of Kingston Falls (isn’t that Back To The Future’s clock tower?) when a posse of vicious creatures run amok on Christmas Eve. Directed by Joe Dante with the manic energy of a Loony Toons short (animation legend Chuck Jones has a sneaky cameo) and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Gremlins was a cultural and commercial phenomenon which satirized cultural and commercial phenomena and we welcome it back onto our screens…

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