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Blood Simple

The debut from The Coen Brothers (youngest sibling Ethan was barely 26) feels as though it has oozed from a crack in a hot Texas tarmac road. “Down here, you’re on your own”, drawls M. Emmet Walsh’s lurid private investigator in voice over, introducing a sweaty, lurid, pitch black tribute to film noir and the novels of James M. Cain. Funded by independent investors (the brothers went door-to-door asking for cash at the suggestion of friend Sam Rami) Blood Simple is a low-budget commercial thriller with art house tendencies, a pop mixture of low- and high-culture…
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Crawl : Trailer

British director Paul China’s film debut is an Australian noir which pays homage to the Coen Brothers and Alfred Hitchcock. I will have a review online in the next few days but in the mean time, here’s the excellent trailer.