Blood Simple

The debut from The Coen Brothers (youngest sibling Ethan was barely 26) feels as though it has oozed from a crack in a hot Texas tarmac road. “Down here, you’re on your own”, drawls M. Emmet Walsh’s lurid private investigator in voice over, introducing a sweaty, lurid, pitch black tribute to film noir and the novels of James M. Cain. Funded by independent investors (the brothers went door-to-door asking for cash at the suggestion of friend Sam Rami) Blood Simple is a low-budget commercial thriller with art house tendencies, a pop mixture of low- and high-culture…
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Evil Dead

Sam Rami’s icky 1981 schlocker The Evil Dead is a hallowed text, regarded by aficionados of grue as an excitingly juvenile exercise in excess. What exists of a story is chopped to bits within twenty minutes, leaving the deadites – evil spirits that possess the living – to a dizzyingly inventive, gore-drenched assault on Bruce Campbell’s idiot hero, Ash. 2013, and Evil Dead (the ‘The’ eschewed for today’s no-nonsense cinemagoers) offers a retooled version with less humour, more conviction, and a Hollywood sheen. An assured poster campaign promises “the most terrifying film you will ever experience”, but the initial fear is of something far more tangible: the word ‘remake’…

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Only God Forgives – Trailer


I happen to have re-watched Drive only days before the arrival of the first trailer for Only God Forgives, the second collaboration between director Nicolas Winding Refn and star Ryan Gosling. Their first film together – part noir, part western, part fairy-tale, all intoxicating pulp fiction – was the most stylish film of 2011 (read my review here) and fans have been pining for a glimpse of their next project since it was announced some time ago.

By the looks of this red band trailer, the film will serve as a companion piece to their first collaboration, perhaps the yin to it’s yang. Drive was extremely violent, yes, but behind all of the hammering and head-stomping was a sweet romance and a slew of power ballads, whereas Only God Forgives looks to be cut from a darker cloth. A story of vengeance set amongst the world of drug smuggling and Thai boxing in Bangkok, this looks to be an intoxicating nightmare of stylish violence.


Crawl – Review


Director: Paul China
Screenwriter: Paul China
Cast: Georgina Haig, George Shevtsov, Paul Holmes
Runtime: 80 mins
Certificate: 15
Release Date: On DVD & BD Now

crawl 2

An old car pulls into an auto-shop on a lonely road on an ordinary day and a man emerges. We meet him iconography first, slowly donning his large-brimmed hat as if he knows there’s a camera perfectly framing the back of his head. His boots clip-clop towards the door with precision and a bell ding-a-lings in close-up to announce his entrance, all scored to a Jaws-riffing tension-builder. The cowboy – European and sparing with dialogue – Anton-Chigurh’s his way through an enigmatic encounter with the shop’s owner, eventually leaving him as a crimson splatter, dribbling down the back wall…

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Aha! Partridge Trailer and Title Online Today

alan1Jackanackernory! Partridge fans are surely rubbing their eyes in disbelief that a movie is actually happening. The project was in preparation about 7-8 years ago but was notoriously shelved after the London Bombings due to the sensitive material lampooned in the script. Needless to say, there was doubt as to whether we would ever see Alan have the last laugh on the silver screen. Nevertheless, after a handful of recent projects – including the masterpiece that is the autobiographical I, Partridge: We need to talk about Alan – Steve Coogan’s comic miracle is finally about to bounce back.

alan filmingCook a cat! With veteran British TV director Declan Lowney at the helm, the writing team from I’m Alan Partridge and, of course, Alan and his tireless PA Lynn – 50 – in front of the camera, this should be the best film we have ever seen about the exploits of a disgruntled Norfolk radio DJ. The first official still (above) and a slew of on-location snaps showing Alan prating around with a rifle (right) are now online, making Partridge: The Movie a tangible prospect for fans, and anticipation is bubbling away. Lovely stuff.*

The news then, that the official Youtube channel for the movie ( will air the first teaser trailer at 12:00pm this afternoon is sure to have you, Partrige fan, jumping for joy, smelling cheese, buttering arses and cooking cats. Furthermore, the title will be announced (Bangkok Chick Boys, fingers crossed) and we should start to form an idea of what we might expect on our screens on the mooted release date of 16th August.

Spice World!

*Not my words, the words of Shakin Stevens.