The Wardrobe of Walter White

Walter White Costime Episode 1Unless you’re one of the seven or eight people in the world who has yet to clear time in their schedule for Vince Gilligan’s zeitgeist defining TV masterpiece, this will be the best thing you see on the internet today. Nathan Peters, a graphic designer from the Big Apple, has – presumably on some kind of methamphetamine high – decided to meticulously illustrate each and every outfit worn by Walter White in Breaking Bad, from ‘tighty-whities’ to Hazmat to that Pork Pie hat.

The series of prints – described on the website as “The story of Breaking Bad’s Walter White, as told through the clothes he wore” – are made up of 521 outfits (an average of 8.4 per episode) and are presented as each individual series and then a behemoth collection covering the entire journey of the character.

Nathan Peters’ staggeringly well observed project is not only a joy to behold, but in depicting each and every outfit worn by Walter White it illustrates the show’s prevalent theme of deception in middle class America. Throughout the series, Walter uses various guises to manipulate the others around him to achieve his own megalomanic ends and these collections chart the success with which he is able to do so.

The Wardrobe of Walter White


2 thoughts on “The Wardrobe of Walter White

  1. SaurAv

    This is cool shit !! Haha u even have his white undies there . I never thought walter white was such a wardrobe junkie. 🙂 cool article man!


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